In partnership with Love by the Slice, Inc. (LBTS), Cultivating Our Sisterhood International Association, Inc. (COSIA) has developed the COSIA Love by the Slice Women's Leadership Program. The COSIA LBTS Women's Leadership Program provides networking, development and nonprofit leadership opportunities for unemployed and underemployed women through attendance at the COSIA Retreat and Annual Conference and through participation in the COSIA Women's Leadership Program. Our goal is to support women, age 18 and older, who have actively sought employment and/or career-related assistance (e.g., resume writing, interview training, job placement, etc.) through a nonprofit institution, organization or program including, but not limited to, nonprofit college career centers and religious institutions and would like to supplement their experience with nonprofit leadership volunteer opportunities. This is not an employment assistance or job training program.

Contact Roselyn Barranda at to learn more.

2013 Women's Leadership Program Participants and Leaders2013 Women's Leadership Program Participants and Leaders

COSIA Love by the Slice Women's Leadership Program Eligibility Requirements:

1. You must be a woman, age 18 and older, who is either unemployed or underemployed and has utilized the services of a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit career training and assistance program. An employee of the program must be listed on your application as a reference and must submit a letter in support of your application if requested. Underemployed refers to individuals who are (a) employed only part-time when full-time employment is needed or desired; or (b) inadequately employed, especially employed at a low-paying job that requires less skill or training than one possesses.

2. You must commit to attending the COSIA Retreat and Annual Conference. As a participant in the program, your registration fees will be waived, but you must provide your own transportation to the retreat facility. Click HERE to learn more about our annual retreat and conference.

3. You will also receive one year of complimentary COSIA membership and participate in the COSIA Women's Leadership Program, which includes the opportunity to attend networking and development workshops and seminars and serve on a COSIA committee.

4. Applications will be judged according to the following criteria:
(a) Eligibility;
(b) Need;
(c) Goals; and
(d) Program Fit.

5. Successful applicants must sign a volunteer release and waiver of liability form in order to participate in the program.

6. COSIA is not responsible for lost, misdirected, and/or incomplete application submissions. Incomplete and/or otherwise ineligible application submissions will be discarded.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail or call (877) 947-3007.

Additional Information:

As a program participant, you:

(1) attend our annual women's retreat and conference. Registration and room fees are waived, but applicants must provide their own transportation to the retreat facility; and

(2) receive one year of complimentary voting level membership with COSIA.

(1) COSIA Retreat and Annual Conference Information

Click HERE to learn more about our retreat and conference.

(2) COSIA Membership and Committee Service

As a voting member of COSIA, you:

  • become part of a diverse network of women whose bonds of sisterhood are not limited by age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and/or any other category of separation;
  • gain access to the unique perspectives and talents of the women in our membership base via our events, newsletter, and discussion lists;
  • have the opportunity to give back to the international community of women through our fundraising and volunteer activities;
  • receive member discounts at COSIA events and other special offers;

Additionally, COSIA provides opportunities for:

  • personal and professional development at quarterly events;
  • nonprofit leadership service on COSIA standing committees; and
  • networking, team-building, and overall development at the annual retreat and conference;

Participation in the women's leadership program includes the opportunity to serve on a COSIA committee. Committee service supports the mission and work of COSIA, and also provides you with an opportunity to integrate your personal and professional goals with real-world experiences within the context of a nonprofit organization’s leadership structure. To learn more about our committee service and leadership opportunities, visit COMMITTEES.