Cultivating Our Sisterhood International Association, Inc. (COSIA) began with a seed that was planted in the organization’s founder while she was living in Seattle in the year 2000. Our founder had a single dream that prompted her to write down the letters COSIA. She knew that they were important, but did yet not know what they meant or what to do with them.

Approximately five years later, on December 25, 2005, she had a second dream about the letters COSIA. In this dream, she was at a women’s event that was scheduled for January 21, 2006. When she awoke from this dream, she knew that COSIA stood for Cultivating Our Sisterhood International Association, and that she should approach the same women from the dream about starting a women’s support network. On October 10, 2007, what began as a single dream became the 501(c)(3) women’s nonprofit organization: Cultivating Our Sisterhood International Association, Inc. (COSIA).

Since our inception, the women of COSIA have:

  • grown from a local gathering to a international group of supporting members;
  • facilitated numerous gatherings designed to promote sisterhood and to create opportunities for women to extend and expand their support networks;
  • pooled internal resources to create affordable events and programs that promoted the development, critical review, and active pursuit of women’s personal and professional life goals and objectives; and
  • participated in volunteer and fundraising activities that helped to raise thousands of dollars for socially conscious initiatives and programs that benefit women and youth from underserved communities.

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